Sunrise Tapestry Collar

Sunrise Tapestry Collar

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From ike&stella

Tan English Bridle leather collar with removable/changeable sleeve


XSmall - 5/8" Wide and 8-11" Long
Small - 3/4" Wide and 11-14" Long
Medium - 3/4" Wide and 15-18" Long
Large - 1" Wide and 15-18" Long
XLarge - 1" Wide and 19-22" Long

*Length corresponds to the buckled length, not the length of the entire collar. 

As a general rule (please note there are exceptions, especially for certain breeds with wider necks i.e. pugs, bulldogs, bostons etc):

XSmall - Under 20lbs
Small - 20 to 30lbs
Medium 30-45lbs
Large - 45-60lbs
XLarge - 60+

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