Plain and simply: we love animals - especially the ones that live in our homes.  We also love our homes - our dens - and the things we live in them with. We love people, especially in relation to animals, and we like to tell their stories. We love the creative economy, technology, and collaborating. We love our industry - the animal industry - Because it brings people together and inspires creativity every day.



Dear Shop Dogs, Shop Cats & their Humans,

I'm so excited you're here.  The concept behind SHOP DOG SHOP CAT is simple: a place to collect, curate, and celebrate everything dog and cat under the sun.  The name is reflexive - on the one hand we're here to SHOP - both for and in honor of our pets - on the other hand we're here to celebrate these resident animals living among us, always by our side, taking stock of everything, the shop dogs and shop cats of our lives.

This all started with one of my own shop dogs.   As a designer who didn't manage to go to school for design I found myself out of sorts after college, holding a degree I had no interest in using and overwhelmed with the costs of going back to school.  After several years making ends meet as a dog & cat sitter, I decided to adopt one of my foster dogs, Ike. Now, I know you probably won't believe this because these days we are spoiled with options, but this was five years ago and I could not for the life of me find a dog collar that I liked.  And that's when I asked myself what turned out to be a very important question - how do you make one? It wasn't long after I figured out the answer that I founded Ike & Stella - a pet collar company that I've been lucky enough to grow and develop with the help of my first shop dog and inspiration, Ike.

Over the five years that I've been in the pet industry I've witnessed an explosion of growth, innovation and creativity, and it's not slowing down any time soon.  It has been so energizing to work alongside so many fantastic artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, and craftsmen using their talents to both serve and honor the animals in their lives.  I truly cherish being a part of such a vibrant and exciting industry - from rescue, to pet care & training, to pet products, to pet literature and culture, there is never a shortage of exciting things happening.  So here we are!

Thank you so much for being here and being a part of this community.  We have big plans! 

With love, 

Jennifer Herrera