At first glance it might seem like I'm cheating here.  Technically it's my job to read through all this and give you a nice tidy summary, but obviously if there's an option between me telling you and a dog telling you, the dog takes it.

Ehhemm.  How do I begin to capture my love for this story?  It's better than fiction.

“Just as we dogs are anxious mini wolves, humans are anxious hairless apes, with minds “designed” for a different epoch.”
— http://www.drawingsofdogs.co.uk/

The anxious human in this case is Henry Garrett, philosophy PhD dropout from Bristol.  Henry claims that his illustration skills are "sorta ok", something that seems like more of a disclaimer than self deprecation.  His real raison d'être, however, manifests itself in the captions - he is, more or less, a comic illustrator - which is somewhat of a lost art when you think about it.  Wasn't it Chandler's parallel universe job in the 90s hit TV show Friends (do we need to start saying it like that yet?)  My parents always used to read newspaper comics - the "funnies" - at breakfast when I was growing up, and because they'd leave it laying open, I usually read them too.  This is one my dad would have had a real chuckle over:

Though they're not all light-hearted "funnies" material.  Henry refers to himself as an "ethicist" and his drawings can definitely be a vehicle to explore some of life's more complicated quandaries.

Sometimes you feel like you're reading a children's book

Until you get to ones like this

Some are topical

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.24.44 PM.png

With some astute social commentary

And a consistent smattering of wry humor

And sometimes it's just totally and sublimely DOG

I could keep going, but you get the idea, the man has clearly found his calling.  It's funny how animals have a way of helping us do that.  No matter how messy the human world can feel, dogs bring us back to what's good. 

See more of Henry's drawings on his website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  You can also buy Henry's work in card form via U Studio.

And don't stop there - he's also parlaying the success of Drawings of Dogs into a full-blown illustration career under the name Somewhat Nicer.  I particularly love the work he did for a campaign to close the gender wage gap.  Hats off to you, Henry, and to Billie, for helping him find his place.  The world is certainly "somewhat nicer" because of it.